Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Laws & Loopholes

Where there is law, there are loopholes. This observation seems to hold good for carnatic music too. Just as the temples did in the past, today, the sabhas, the media and the government play a major role in fostering our music and upholding quality, especially in the case of upcoming artistes.
With the aim of preserving quality, these organization demand a non-commercial audio recording of the artiste and slection is made based on the decisions of a reputed panel of judges. In order to ensure a fair ruling, each candidate is assigned a number instead of divulging the name. A laudable practice indeed. It is also obviously understood that the members of the panel maintain strict confidentiality about their role as jury members. However, it is being observed that many of them, not only disregard this confidentiality, but actually exhibit their roles as jury members by displaying it on their letter heads and business cards.

The consequences are not far to seek. Aspiring candidates naturally have the tendency to approach the members and tell them the items they have rendered, thus making null and void the fair practise of giving numbers to candidates.

This is a typical case of a good ideal being spoilt by ambitious personal interests. In the process, the authenticity of the proceedings is destroyed. Music is a very small level community. when such things go on in this small world, it is little wonder that high level irregularities take place at the state and central government levels thus hindering the efforts to bring about positive growth in our country.

Let us condemn this in our field, Let us vote in favour of quality in fine arts and ensure the growth and enrichment of our great cultural heritage.


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