Friday, June 13, 2003

Fifty Fest - Unforgettable Moments

The musicians who had a free date on the 12th June 2003 must have surely thanked their stars. For it seemed that all the musical roads led to but one destination - the Gnananananda hall of the Narada Gana Sabha.

Reason? "Fifty Fest" - a unique tribute to mridangam maestro Karaikudi R. Mani, on the commemoration of his 50th year as a mridangist, organised by his students.

This function seemed to prove two things! The dedication of mani sir's students for their guru, and the fact that music does not lag behind in this hi-tech world. For, as a golden jubilee Guru Dakshina, they gifted him with no other than a Hyundai Accent - that luxury statement in cars.

The function began with an enumeration of mani sir's life, career and service to music, spirituality and and appeal that he be titled Guru Karaikudi Mani.

The senior-most student of Mani, Swaminathan handed over the keys to his Guru, amongst thunderous applause.

But these was more in store - Layamani Layam, the bimonthly magazine of Mani, dedicated this month's issue to a 'photo gallery', a series of over 200 photos of mani sir's life and career.

R. Ramesh, mridangist and a senior disciple of Mani received the 1st copy.

In an emotion packed speech Mani sir expressed his close relationship with his students. He recalled with gratitude his parents, Gurus, Guruji, Students and Rasikas for making him what he was.

Thursday, June 12, 2003

Happiest Moment - One would never forget...

Laya maestro crosses a golden milestone :

GURU KAARAIKKUDI MANI who has made the art of percussion synonymous with his name was most deservedly felicitated by us (deciples) for having completed a golden half-century of significant contribution to Carnatic music in the genre of percussion.

Titles and awards have been showered on sir, but not one to rest on his laurels, Sir works with evangelical zeal to make the international musical fraternity appreciate and applaud the role of rhythm in any system of music in general, and Carnatic music in particular.

It was only appropriate that at the colourful function at the Narada Gana Sabha auditorium a large audience of friends and admirers were present to wish Mani sir all the best in the future.

His oldest disciple, Swaminathan, presented him with the keys of a Hyundai Accent car from all the students as a mark of affection and respect. The first disciple of Mani sir, R. Ramesh was the recipient of the latest edition of Layamani Layam.