Friday, April 03, 2009

Culture - No Culture

Irrespective of its financial situation, every establishment gives its employees a wage hike regularly. This applies to both government and private organizations. If such a hike is not given, the employees go on strike and somehow get their demands settled.

In the field of culture, especialy fine arts, and specifically music, no such hike is ever contemplated. In fact, whenever there is a financial crunch, the first sector to get targeted is the field of culture. And this, when we boast loud and long about the richness of our culture heritage!

We see that even when it comes to artists from the North and Southern parts of India, there is a great divide in the respect of honorarium.

We also note that even in times of acute financial crisis, huge amounts continue to be spent on Political Rallies, the military etc. Yet, allotments given to culture are continuously going down not just in india, but all over the world. The international music festivals are on a low key note, grants allotted to universities have been reduced, and festival committees are holding their programs with a keen eye on lowering costs.

We all know that in this hard world, only music can give solace. Even a desperate terrorist would soften up (at least temporarily) when he listen to some kind of music.

When the greatness of this art has been universally acknowledged, is it not the duty of the government and the corporate sector to ensure that the grants are given generously as befits the status of our great cultural heritage?

Unfortunately, if this present trent continues, there will be only talk about our great culture and no culture any more.

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