Friday, October 10, 2008

Thread from Youtube - Against KRM

It all started when “FLUTE THIAGU” wrote some bad things about Mani sir. He wrote the following things

1.Why lalgudi play along with a mediocre accompaniment (referring to Mani sir)
2.KRM's playing is like “pebbles rolling in a rusted box”
3.If Indian music is represented by these people, the halls would be empty.
....... and many more

Son of the Destroyer (What else you need): SOD
Divine Milk Man (huh!) : DMM
ajsriram : AJS

When I questioned Flute thiagu, I got the following replies... the unexpurgated version of the thread is listed below

raghu41 (6 days ago) - 4th October 2008
I have heard him before, but I dont think this is good music. If Indian music is represented by these people, the halls would be empty.
ajsriram (6 days ago)
thanks for your comment, and it show your knowledge in music! haha! if you dont understand please ask try to understand dont try to act as if you know
things! lol!
sonofthedestroyer (3 days ago)
ajsriram it is very cheap of you to threaten physical assault on anyone who criticises KR Mani. Reminds me of the late journalist Subbudu who has assaulted
verbally, physically and even in writing because he criticised certain musicians.
ajsriram (3 days ago)
SOD: I am sorry! I think you have misunderstood. I am not threatening at all, BUT I am telling the fact and the truth! Just that i am being frank and nothing else. What i said remains the same and its not a threaten message. I will do what i said. Never bring in subbu in this conversation it will digress the topic. I replied to the creepy, idiotic, knowledgeless, dumb ass Raghu and no one else. If this raghu is a clone of some other shit then it means the same to him and no change in that.
sonofthedestroyer (3 days ago)
Of course it is a threat. How can you say it isnt? 'wont have any hands or mouth left to play flute'
That is definitely a threat from you.
ajsriram (2 days ago)
I already said, I am being frank! lol! If you think its a threat let it be! i dont mind! :-)

sonofthedestroyer (3 days ago)
Also i have witnessed Indian classical musicians disrespect each other behind the stage.
I am happy to see it come out into the open. I hate the fake 'admiration crap' they spew out on stage when the media is watching them. Better to be honest.
ajsriram (3 days ago)
Not a valid post ! lets have this discussion of the board or in someother board, i am readybut not in this! Thanks, i could have easily deleted this post, but let it be here..

divinemilkman (1 day ago)
aj, how can you say that KR MANI is the best of all mridangists and better than all the rest of the artistes out in the world. I myself am a disciple of mridangam in the Palani Subramaniapillai method. Your narrow-mindedness in your statements is a classic sign of your lack of true musical knowledge.
ajsriram (1 day ago)
Can you list out any one better than Mani sir. you cant! You might be a disciple of Pillaivaal school, thats your fate what to do ?. Does that mean anything being in the school of Shri.Palani subramani pillai. Nothing right! Dont be childish, accept the fact and move on buddy!
sonofthedestroyer (21 hours ago)
Actually you are acting WORSE than a child. It all started when you were stupid enough to threaten Thyagu with physical assault. 'If i ever see him in Chennai he wont have hands or mouth left to play flute' Perhaps you need to move on. KR Mani will never reach the heights that other mridangists have reached
ajsriram (17 seconds ago)
I said i didnt not give a threat. I said what i am going to do. Its not threat, its a fact. There is no change in that. I dont know what heights others have reached, Hope you are not calculating the Heights "BELOW TO SEA LEVEL", In mani sirs case its all about "ABOVE THE SEA LEVEL". So there is no point in comparing Mani sir and other artists. I dont find any difference between you and thiagu so what ever said to him applies to you!

divinemilkman (1 day ago)
Also, I have completed my Advanced Diploma in Mridangam at the world reputed Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan. KR MANI sir's playing is outstanding yet I cannot insist ignorantly that he is the best in such a vast and versatile field of mridangam. If you object, then you are simply a buffoon, i.e. a talentless idiot. Also, threats are very poor methods of resolution- it conveys your weakness. sonofthedestroyer I like all your points, 100% valid. :)
ajsriram (1 day ago)
Completing a Adv.dip. in mridangam from BVB London? So what! big Deal.. What did you do with that? any concerts, have u sat on the stage once? Why boasting of something which is not needed here!...outstanding means, standout, superlative, superexcellent anything else. Yes, He outstands everyone and he is the best. Btw, I never talked anything about my talent here! if you need lets take it on seperately not here! you better close your doors rather than opening it and show that you are dumbo. :-)
divinemilkman (1 day ago)
I have played at many concerts on many stages more than you would ever have seen in your pathetic life aj. I am not boasting I am pointing out where I learnt and that there is no such thing as best mridangist as each style offers beauty and variety to this ancient art. Stop attacking all comments, you jackass. Grow Up!
ajsriram (1 day ago)
Now i know what your knowledge is and the person who fixed you as an accompaniment! LOL
If really feel that you play well, write in your own name than in a nick! You know by youserlf why you cannot boast, since you dont have anything to boast of yourself than being in LONDON.

divinemilkman (1 day ago)
I have met and learnt a few lessons from KR MANI sir when he came to the BVB in London to teach one summer. He is a great player, but you cannot call
anyone the shows arrogance and ignorance....foolish words on your part aj...
ajsriram (1 day ago)
So what BIG DEAL! What did you learn god knows! MANI IS A GREAT performer no doubts and you dont have to certify! :-)!
இதெல்லாம் கத்து கொடுத்து வருவதில்லை. புத்தி இருந்தா போதாது. I am arrogant! arrogant to the core!
Im a fan of so many mridangam artists that is apart, all I SAY is HE IS THE NUMBER ONE AND HE IS THE BEST and no one can deny it.
sonofthedestroyer (21 hours ago)
Actually the vast majority of people on this planet will Deny KR Mani as the best. Only a small minority of politics pushers say he is the best.
KR Mani is a good mridangist who developed a difficult technique to play. That is all there is to him.
Game Over!
ajsriram (17 hours ago)
You can never have the last laugh when talking about Mani sir. What is difficult and what is not difficult is in the hands of the person who plays the
instrument. for him anything and everything is easy! i dont know about the Rest.
Yaa i know your game is over!
sonofthedestroyer (14 hours ago)
No one is laughing at KR Mani. We are laughing at you.
ajsriram (7 hours ago)
LOL! you read my post again and then try to understand! :-)
ajsriram (32 seconds ago)
You can never laugh at mani sir, only thing you can do is get jealous and burn in the fire. If you feel only he developed difficult technique then i am sure you
dont know what is mridangam playing technique, just being bookish is of no USE. You laughing at me!Keep doing! till you feel you are happy! LOL cos, you cant do anything else! haha

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