Monday, July 20, 2009


Vanaspati : It is the 4th Melakarta ragam in the 72 melakarta ragam system of Carnatic music.

This ragam is also called Bhānumati in Muthuswami Dikshitar school of Carnatic music. The notes used in this scale are Shuddha rishabham, shuddha gandharam, shuddha madhyamam, chathusruthi dhaivatham and kaisiki nishadham.

Raga Structure:
Arohanam: S R1 G1 M1 P D2 N2 S
Avarohanam: S N2 D2 P M1 G1 R1 S

Tala Structure (22 Aksharams):
1 Laghu + 2 Anudhruthams + 1 Guru + 1 Anudhrutham + 1 Laghu + 1 Dhrutha Viraamam
4+2+8+1+4+3 = 22 Aksharams


மத்யமர் said...

Is there any rendition other than Pariyachakama in this ragam

roses said...

Good explanation....

Unknown said...

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