Sunday, September 07, 2008

"Cheap" publicity

The press is playing an important part in the publicity of a concert. The artiste wants to perform and get a good name and a good review in the paper. The reviewer also wants to be praised for their reports. So he takes care of the matter and the language.
After seeing the paper in this season, I feel that a new category of publicity seeker has started out.

This category is not a performer or a critic. But they give free views in the "Letters to the Editor". In this, they are putting controversial subjects and false ideas that can't be proved and just try to make a name. I am surprised that the papers which are supposed to be reputed allowing this. Normally, even when we give a private advertisement in the paper, they ask us not to use certain objectionable words, etc. In that case, how can such papers allow these kinds of scandalous matters without filtering?

  • Just because the writers are big shots

  • Writers have a good influence

  • Writes have a good english/Tamil knowledge

  • News papers doenst want to lose their subscribers

It is not fair that they can say what they want in an e mail without any filtering.

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