Saturday, September 06, 2008

House full

The music season of Chennai has always generated a 'fever of excitement' that is not found in the other months. Though music festivals are held in all parts of the world, Chennai, the Hollywood of music stands unparalleled for sheer numbers and enthusiasm.

Naturally, season's tickets for the programmes get sold out even before the rasikas know about the artistes, the singer/accompanist combinations, and so on. In addition, members are given concessional rates and naturally, avail of this opportunity.

In this situation, the number of daily tickets being sold is limited. Many rasikas seeking to attend that day's concert have to go back without getting a ticket.

However, on entering the hall, one is surprised to see that there are still quite a few vacant seats. This is because of the non-attendance of some of the season's ticket holders or members for some reason or other.

On one hand, many rasikas are deprived of a daily ticket. On the other hand, there are still seats vacant in the hall. How to solve this problem?

The solution seems to lie in reserving the admission of the season's ticket holders and members.

Just as a passenger boarding a flight has to check-in at least an hour in advance, or a train traveler at least 30 seconds before the departure, it may be made mandatory for such a ticket holder to report on time, or with a minimum grace time of say, 5 minutes. Failing which, his seat could be sold as a daily ticket.

Such an arrangement will allow genuine rasikas to listen to their favourites without disappointment and in addition, prove an encouragement for artistes who can sing to a really full hall instead of one that merely bears the sign 'Sold out'.

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