Sunday, January 18, 2004

What about the SO CALLED Main Artist?

Good Thala maintenance a prerequisite for center performer

A professional singer has to be strong in Laya control. But some musicians are performing without realising the gravity of this prerequisite. While accompanying such musicians the accompanists have to make good the deficiency by not indulging in complicated exercises for too long & perform a short Thani with easy patterns technically called Sarvalaghu. The term Sarvalaghu itself is wrongly used to describe a style or generally an unobtrusive pattern. Sarvalaghu is not a distinct pattern possessed only by some but is present in everybody's performance. Sarvalaghu can be in any gathi or nadai, namely, Cahturashram, Thrishram, Kandam, Mishram or Sankeernam. Sarvalagu can also be complicated. Every performance is interwoven with Sarvalaghus. Thus when accompanying a musician who is not very sound in Layam, he should not be put in embarrassment by playing complicated intricacies. A mridangist should be satisfied with simple patterns for a short duration in such circumstances.

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