Sunday, January 18, 2004

Mere sound is not Layam!

Nobody goes to concert to enjoy just sound however pleasing it may be. Creativity & aesthetic sense are a must for any music. A concert should provide a mridangist a good opportunity to present his creativity & aesthetic sense.

I have been saying for quite some time that to experience the magnificence of Layam, audience are yet to be educated. They cannot identify what is being played in a Thani as they identify a Raga or Krithi. The same Ragas or Krithis they have become familiar with for years are easily identified. As for the Laya section, theycan, at the most, say that the Mridangam had a good tonal quality, it was electrifying, vibrating, scintillating, etc. But they cannot realise the content. We should accpt thst only from the times of Pudukottai Dhakshinamoorthy Pillai, Palghat Mani Iyer & Palani Subramanya Pillai, the audience have been attracted towards Mridangam & othe percussion instruments. Today, we briefly explain what we are going to do in a Thani Avarthanam concert. By this brief explanation before a Thani Avarthanam concert, we are preparing the audience to understand the intricacies of Laya. Only now Thani Avarthanam concerts are gaining ground. But it will take time to create a longing for a long Thani. The advocacy of short Thani is intended to keep the expectation of audience alive.


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