Sunday, January 11, 2004

Full of Jargon

anga namesymbolaksharakaalasmovement
anudrutamU1beat with palm
drutam02beat with palm + turn (wave)
druta viramamU03 (2 + 1)drutam + anudrutam
laghu|(#)4 (or 3,5,7,9)beat + finger counts
laghu viramamU|5 (4+1)laghu + anudrutam
laghu drutam0|6 (4+2)laghu + drutam
laghudruta viramamU0|7 (4+2+1)laghu + drutam + anudrutam
guru88wave to left and rightor circle with thumb-up
guru viramamU88 (8+1)guru + anudrutam
guru drutam0810 (8+2)guru + drutam
gurudruta viramamU0811 (8+2+1)guru + drutam + anudrutam
plutam|812 (8+4)beat + wave to sides
pluta viramamU|813 (12+1)plutam + anudrutam
pluta drutam0|814 (12+2)plutam + drutam
pluta druta viramamU0|815 (12+2+1)plutam + drutam + anudrutam
kaakapaadam+16beat plus wave up and to sides

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