Thursday, November 29, 2012

Be The Best on every Birthday . . .

It is common to celebrate special days like Birthdays and the New Year with some sort of function. This goes on year after year.

When a baby is born, it knows no desire. With every birthday, its age increases and so do its desires. In addition, the child slowly acquires a set pattern of habits and sometimes vices.

There is no limit to these desires and habits. As he ages, his wants and ambitions multiply in leaps and bounds. Thinking that this is the base of happiness, a man searches for more and more wealth, power and prestige, even when he is very old.

Actually, the reverse will lead to happiness. If , with each birthday, a man were to sacrifice at least one material want and one habit, this would give him more peace of mind and improve the quality of his life.

A musician's birthday could be viewed at a different angle. today we see very little variety in an artist's performance. People attain star status merely by repeating the same items and approaching their art with limited stuff and no great desire for enrichment. Instead of this, every musician could look at his birthday or a new year as a day for increasing his repertoire in some way. By doing thus, he would be growing musically year after year. Just as one gets more fulfillment in life by progressively reducing one's wants, a musician, by steadily increasing his repertoire, gets more mature, refined, and has better standing in the field.

Instead of being one in the crowd, he will now be standing out in the multitude as a role model for other artists.

Could this not be practiced by all musicians, young and old ?


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