Saturday, January 10, 2004

Current state

The Music Season of Chennai is world famous. Earlier only 3 sabhas were hosting this event, but now several sabhas participate. Artistes take pride in the number of concerts performed, but in my view, the quality isn't being maintained. I am not able to understand as to how those rasikas who appreciate good music are also able to appreciate the gimmicks of certain musicians. As far as thani avarthanam goes, if the artiste plays with concentration, audience appreciate this. Organisations in the name of Art have become totally commercialised. In spite of the growing no. of sponsors, the remuneration offered to the artistes is very low, for most of the sabhas are busy filling their coffers. Another sad trend is that of NRI performers paying money to have their program staged. Critics do not criticize constructively & it is not clear how & on what basis awards are given. Just as the Ganges retains her purity in spite of all dirt & grime flowing into her, the grace that is inherent in the Season is also being maintained in spite of all these happenings..

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